At Body Corporate Services Ltd. we offer a full range of Body Corporate Management Services, including complete administration of all aspects of your body corporate.
In addition we offer Body Corporate Consulting Services to help you self-manage your body corporate by providing detailed advice on specific issues you might need assistance with.
Do you have a competent and confidant committee, and a well run body corporate? Perhaps all you need is independent financial support and robust financial reporting. Talk to us about about Body Corporate Financial Services, save money by only paying for the services you really need, and remove the risks of handing body corporate funds.
Our services are tailored to suit the needs of our distinct clients. Please contact us if you want to know more about the benefits of the services we offer or to request a detailed quotation.

Body Corporate Management Service

Our Body Corporate Management Service is designed for bodies corporate ranging, from the very small (less than 10 units) to the very large (150 + units). It provides continued support to the body corporate committee and unit owners to ensure the affairs of your body corporate are managed efficiently and effectively.

We tailor our Management Service to each and every body corporate. This means every client gets the right level of support with body corporate management and administration.


Body Corporate Consulting Services

Our consultancy services give clients with smaller bodies corporate great value for money. You can learn from our experience and expertise to go on and self-manage your body corporate more effectively.

Body Corporate Consulting is particularly useful for setting up a new body corporate for a small development or for dealing with singular issues that arise in those already established.

Consulting Services are completely tailored to your needs because we understand that every body corporate is different.


Body Corporate Financial Services

Are you a confident and competent committee? Is the body corporate running smoothly? Perhaps all you need is independent financial support, but you are paying for a full management service. Body Corporate services can provide financial support to any body corporate anywhere in the country. This service provides a cost effective solution for receiving fully independent professional financial support for your body corporate.

How we can help

The benefits of using our full Body Corporate Management Service include:

  • You remain in control at all times. Body Corporate Services Ltd provides advice and support to body corporate committee members and the Chair, but we know our place.
  • Our advice and expertise is firmly based on knowledge and experience. Our team has an in-depth and thorough expertise of the Unit Titles Act 2010.
  • We have strict financial controls in place and an open doors policy so you can request any information on your body corporate at any time.
  • We keep separate bank accounts for each body corporate rather than lumping all funds together in one big Trust.
  • We guarantee that 100% of all interest earned on your fund is credited to your body corporate – we do not deduct any fund management fees.
  • Senior team members attend your AGMs and committee meetings.

How we can help

Our Body Corporate Set-up Consulting Services includes:

  • Setting up your Extraordinary General Meeting and planning an appropriate agenda.
  • Distributing required meeting notices to unit owners.
  • A senior manager from Body Corporate Services Ltd attending your Extraordinary General Meeting onsite, explaining agenda items and answering owners’ questions.
  • Writing and distributing the minutes of the meeting.
  • Providing advice on printed publications to help your body corporate chairperson and/or committee members run the body corporate.
  • Additional advice as and when required under our Body Corporate Consulting Service. Work on these specific issues is charged at an hourly rate to give you the maximum flexibility about how and when you tap into the expertise we hold.

How we can help

Our Body Corporate Set-up Consulting Services includes:

  • Body corporate funds held in independent bank accounts.
  • Monthly financial reporting to the committee.
  • Issuance of body corporate levies on owners.
  • Payment of approved body corporate expenses to creditors.
  • Body Corporate Levy arrears collection processes.
  • Annual financial accounts, independantly audited if necessary.
  • Assistance with the preparation of the annual body corporate budget.

This service allows a competent body corporate committee to get on with the decision making required to run the body corporate, whilst maintaining independent financial control.
The benefits of this service are:

  • Remove your committee members from the fraud/theft risks associated from handling body corporate funds.
  • Professional accounting and reporting.
  • Reduced body corporate expenses. Don’t pay for additional management services you don’t need on a regular basis.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of working with us or to request a detailed quotation.